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Welcome to the Department of Medicine at
The David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA


Alan Fogelman, M.D. Executive Chair (310) 825-6058
Jan Tillisch, M.D. Executive Vice Chair (310) 825-6205
Farah Elahi Chief Administrative Officer (310) 825-0639
Kristin Kuntz Chief Financial Officer (310) 794-6369
Nicole Conner Director of Personnel (310) 825-3073
Arlene Bieschke Director of Academic Personnel (310) 267-0331
Raellen Man Director of Research Administration (310) 825-8112
Boris SorkinDirector of Information Services(310) 825-4398
Teresa Roth Director of Education (310) 825-7375
Ernie Norris Director of Academic Compensation (310) 206-6111



Robert Oye, M.D. Executive Vice Chair - CHS (310) 206-8401
Dennis Slamon, M.D., Ph.DExecutive Vice Chair - CHS (310) 825-5193
Jose Escarce, M.D., Ph.D Executive Vice Chair - CHS (310) 794-3842
Jan Tillisch, M.D. Executive Vice Chair - CHS(310) 825-6205
Gregory Brent, M.D. Executive Vice Chair for Recruitment & Vice Chair - VA Greater Los Angeles Healthcare System(310) 268-4290
Robert Modlin, M.D. Vice Chair - CHS (310) 825-6214
David Reuben, M.D. Vice Chair - CHS (310) 825-6214
Linda Demer, M.D., Ph.DExecutive Vice Chair for Research Training & Vice Chair - CHS Cardiovascular & Vascular Medicine (310) 206-2677
Mitchell Wong, M.D.,Ph.D. Executive Vice Chair, Research Training (310) 794-3322
Paul Noble, M.D. Vice Chair, Cedars-Sinai Medical Center (310) 423-1888
Soma Wali, M.D. Executive Vice Chair for Affiliated Programs & Vice Chair - Olive View-UCLA Medical Center (310) 268-3125
Eric Daar, M.D. Vice Chair - Harbor-UCLA Medical Center (Interim) (310) 222-2467
Theodore Friedman, M.D. Vice Chair - Charles R.Drew University of Medicine & Science(323) 563-9353
Michael Roth, M.D. Vice Chair for Research Compliance (310) 206-7389
TBN Vice Chair - Kern Medical Center (310) 206-7389

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